The Velopheliacs formed in May of 2013 in Los Angeles when two friends, Dylan and Sydney, decided to get together and write.  During their first night of writing together, they composed "Emilea", which introduced the band's "beautiful and haunting" musical aesthetic and would be their first official single. Soon after, photos were taken, an email address was created, and their first show was booked.  After the first show, the duo became focused with writing more songs, playing more shows, and recording their debut album, "Hinterlands".      

        After the single, "Emilea", was released, The Velopheliacs met with producer/engineer John Would of Stanley Recordings (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon, True Blood) and set a date to record the full length album. Recording took place December 2013-February 2014 at Stanley Recordings in Silverlake, CA, and the album was released June 21 2014.  Syd and Dylan have since toured the west coast twice promoting "Hinterlands" and released their followup EP titled The Sun Through Mars on April 2nd 2016. 

       In March 2015, The Velopheliacs formed a four piece electric version of the band called The Velotron.  The Velotron includes Martin Valencia on drums and Andy Hengl on bass, and have continued to play shows around Los Angeles.